Law Offices of Jim T. Norman, III

trey-norman-about-lawyer-alabamaJim Trey Norman graduated from Auburn University & Jones School of Law. In 1996 passed the Bar and became a member of American Bar Association, Alabama Bar Association, the Family Lawyer’s Section of the Alabama Bar Association, the Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association, and the American Trial Lawyer’s Association Mr. Norman has been a multiple term President of the Autauga County Bar Association. Member of the Autauga County Children’s Policy Council; former prosecutor for City of Prattville; reserved Special Appointed Judge and prosecutor for City of Prattville, Municipal Court. In 2013 awarded by The Legal Networks as Top Lawyers in Alabama for Highest in Ethical Standards and Professional Excellence

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Client Testimonials

  • I hired Mr. Norman to finish my divorce. I was finally treated as if my case mattered. He was very responsive to my needs and did what he said he would do. I was treated very well and although this was one of the roughest times of my life, I am finally divorced and received custody of my children. I am very greatful, and would recommend this office to anyone needing a divorce attorney.
    Cameron Jones – Child Custody Client
  • Trey has helped me not only get the time that I was losing with my daughter, but also put confidence back into me that i had a case. He was very understanding and gracious with my case and took me seriously, and stood up for me when I needed him too. And though my case isn't yet over, I'm thrilled with the results that Trey was able to provide so far. I believe I will be continued to be happy with the results as my case closes. Choosing Trey Norman firm was the best decision made. I would definitely recommend him to everyone!
    James Smith – Divorce Client